FAQ & Shipping

FAQ & Shipping

How do I order?

Place and pay your order online and we will receive an email with all your information.

A Dropbox folder will be opened and the link to the folder will be emailed to you. Upload the images into the folder and let me know once done. 

Orders can also be placed via email and images can be emailed to us [info@storiemure.co.za].

Do not send more than 4 images per email, to ensure we keep the quality of the images at their best.

Please allow 2 work days for the layout to be sent for your approval.

Do not send images downloaded from Facebook or the Web as the resolution is too low. Images preferable, medium to high quality, you can send photos that were taken with a Cell phone, we will check the quality and advice.

Is this Canvas?

No, it is photos/images that are hot-pressed and sealed onto wooden blocks. 

Are they ready to hang?

Yes! Each Photo Block comes with a hole in the back.

How long does an order take?

Lead Time 10 - 15 Working Days. We do not accept any rush orders.

Can I pay and book my order and send my images later?

Yes, you can pay and book your order with a sale and only send the images on a later date. No Problem.

Can I self-collect?

Yes, we are based in Bloemfontein, Free State.

Do you courier throughout South-Africa?

Yes, we deliver everywhere in South-Africa via The Courier Guy. Insurance on the parcel is included in our Delivery Fee. If any packages get damaged via transport you are covered through insurance to get them replaced. Courier takes up to 3 - 4 days for delivery and your parcel can be tracked on their website: www. thecourierguy.co.za (Terms & Conditions apply).

Please email us at info@storiemure.co.za if you have any other questions.