Refunds & Policies

Refunds & Policies

Refunds on cancelled orders are only available in vouchers, no cash refunds available.
Products received damaged must be returned within 7 days of reception.
Refunds & Replacements.


When receiving your package from The Courier Guy, check the package immediately for any damages. If there are damages outside of the package, open the package and check the block inside for any damages, before signing the waybill.

Please sent the damaged package back with the courier, do not accept damaged goods. Please notify us immediately that your blocks are damaged and being sent back.

We will replace the damaged photo blocks and re-send them.

When opening the package: please open your packaging carefully with a sharp object as you can cut into the photo blocks and damage them. 

Do not stack your photo blocks on top of each other, after the protective paper is removed, this can also cause damage to the blocks as they can stick to one another. 

Photo Blocks will not be replaced if the blocks have cut marks on them or if they were stacked on top of each other.  Any damage to the photo blocks due to negligence from you will not be replaced.

Wood has a natural grain, blocks that show grain will not be refunded as they are not damaged.

Layout designs will be done and redone for a maximum of 3 times, thereafter we will charge a fee for any changes.